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Xian (China): Giving final touches to its most ambitious plan to build a wide network of new silk roads on land and seas to enhance global connectivity, China has invited India to join President Xi Jinping's pet project that would revive the ancient trade route and benefit the region. China a Priority in India's Foreign Policy: PM Narendra Modi Tells Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Inauguration of CPICC Kolkata office Exclusive Business Seminar With Hon’ble Governor Of Yunnan H.E. Li Jiheng 2nd China-South Asia Expo-Inauguration 6th June, 2014 9th China-South Asia Business Forum- 7th June, 2014 HE Mr. Li Wenrong Mayor of Kunming City visited Kolkata- 23rd April, 2014


Stilwell Road - A Road To Prosperity

The mere thought of connecting Ledo in India with Kunming in China in the midst of war with most of Burma under occupation of Japanese was outrageous. It needed a person like General Joseph W Stilwell with determination of steel, not only to conceive but accomplish the impossible task. From all counts it appears that the go signal was given to Joe Stilwell for want of a better alternative and not because it was thought possible.

Facilitation For Film Making

Film is a very strong media which leaves a lasting impression. Film stars and popular actors have a larger than life image and their endorsements convey a very strong message with convictions.

Indian Restaurant in Kunming

Food is the basic need of human life. A human or any living thing can live without any luxury of life but he cannot survive without food.

Traditionally since birth due to customs, habit, specific conditions, religion, region one gets comfortable to a kind of food. While the most exotic of the food which one may crave for is available, ultimately we on a regular basis prefer the food which we have been used to and are comfortable with and long for.