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Xian (China): Giving final touches to its most ambitious plan to build a wide network of new silk roads on land and seas to enhance global connectivity, China has invited India to join President Xi Jinping's pet project that would revive the ancient trade route and benefit the region. China a Priority in India's Foreign Policy: PM Narendra Modi Tells Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Inauguration of CPICC Kolkata office Exclusive Business Seminar With Hon’ble Governor Of Yunnan H.E. Li Jiheng 2nd China-South Asia Expo-Inauguration 6th June, 2014 9th China-South Asia Business Forum- 7th June, 2014 HE Mr. Li Wenrong Mayor of Kunming City visited Kolkata- 23rd April, 2014

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The economic rise of Asia’s giants, China & India, encompassing nearly 2/5ths of humanity, is a phenomenon of great importance, which has tremendous impact on the world economy. It is now seriously thought by many economic journalists all over the globe that this event may unsettle the present international economic system and may even herald the end of western dominance over the global economy for the past few centuries. The world, of course, did witness the accelerated growth in several Asian countries in the past decades when China & India were more or less stagnant but that did not have that much impact on the world economy. Over the past few years the world has changed beyond recognition.  With the West in constant decline, the focus has shifted to ”Chindia”.

 Way back, though not that long ago, India & China together used to contribute a sizable part of the world GDP, but for historic reasons these two Countries went into stagnation giving rise to western dominance. China and India are the fastest growing economies in the world today. China opened up and resorted to reforms in 1978 while India resorted to reforms only in 1991. China as such is in a different level of development compared to India but the economy of the two Countries is likely to be much interdependent in future.

 In just the last decade, trade between India and China has surged from a mere US$ 2.9 billion to over US$ 61 billion making China the largest trading partner of India, a 20 times jump in just 10 years! This sounds unbelievable, but it is true. New target is to exceed US$ 100 billion in three years. China became the largest trading partner of India in 2010.

  Political leaders of both the countries are making serious efforts to move forward in other areas of collaboration and cooperation. The recent exchange of visits by the highest-ranking leaders, the range of discussions and joint declarations and individual statements speak the seriousness by which the Leaders wish to improve cooperation. Recent agreements of cooperation are wide-ranging which include culture exchanges, green technology, sharing of hydrological data, Banking, Trade etc.

 The Centre for Promotion of India-China Cooperation (CPICC) was established to support and promote the cause of closer cooperation between two countries. It aims to provide platforms to promote friendship and mutual interest of these two countries by assisting in the formation of joint ventures, forums, councils, associations, collaborations, organizations, Memorandum of understandings, exchanges, seminars, conferences, workshops, studies, exchanges, fairs, exhibitions, conclave and meetings carry out and/or assist in seminars for cultural affairs, economic cooperation, tourism, education, research, energy, public relations, urban development, infrastructure, communication, scientific exchange and representations, produce various kind of publication of news, journals, books , periodicals, studies , documentaries, films etc in print and or electronic or any other form that may assist in collaboration and cooperation between India and the Peoples Republic of China without any profit making motive.